Background Checking Services & Employee Screening

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Companies face more external risks today than ever before. Whether it’s from ever more complex regulatory frameworks or volatile markets, it’s a full time job to stay ahead of threats to corporate stability.

It is little wonder more companies are working to insulate themselves against internal risk by choosing background checking services for all new hires, new business relationships and more. We offer those services and more, tailored by industry and region.

Industry Specific Employee Screening

Different industries require different levels of screening for new hires, and we are uniquely geared to provide exactly the right level of in depth, accurate and carefully vetted screening services your industry demands, while ensuring that all confidentiality and local legislative requirements are met.

Whether it’s in the financial industry, insurance, healthcare, petrochemicals or any other sector of the Australian industrial marketplace, you can count on the results we deliver, every time.

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Due Diligence

When you’re entering into new business relationships, partnerships or investments, you need to be sure you dotted all the i’s and crossed all your t’s. You should be completely sure before you commit to any transaction.

Our due diligence services are designed to ensure all of the key trust metrics you need to be confident about a deal are researched in depth and unquestionably met.

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Tenant Screening

Property investments should be, as the saying goes, as “safe as houses.” If you are renting your commercial or residential properties to tenants, that means making sure you undertake the most comprehensive and robust tenant screening services before you enter into a lease with anyone.

Proper tenant screening can help to protect landlords and tenants, and can prevent law suits later on. Be sure about your tenants, and let us combine technology and our analytical processes to give you the whole picture.

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International Screening

The AIS screening model goes above and beyond traditional background checks. With our established networks of connections with government and law enforcement agencies around the world, we can access accurate and up-to-date information in more than 165 countries. Whether you need to run a background check on someone at home or abroad, we can help.

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Criminal Background Checking Services

It‘s impossible to tell just by looking at someone what their true motivations and personality are. The only way to truly know the criminal history of potential hires and other contacts is to run a comprehensive and detailed criminal background check.

We help our clients to get the whole picture, from ensuring you comply with privacy and other legislation, to delivering verified and reliable background histories, and every step in between.

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Industry Solutions

Different industries have different requirements in terms of background screening services, and we offered tailored solutions for each of them. Whether your company is in healthcare, retail, transportation, finance or medical, and no matter how in-depth you need your background checking service to be, you can take our screening services to the bank.

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There are so many risks and threats out there in the business world. Trust us with your background checking services and employee screening services, and make sure those threats stay outside your company.

Our unique processes and technology, industry-leading confidentiality and compliance guarantees, and easy-to-interpret and apply reports are all you will need to make informed decisions, so you can stay focused on the business of business, without the worry.

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