Tenant Screening & Background Checks For Landlords

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Rental properties are a great investment no matter where you are in the world. While the property itself is always a solid investment, however, there are risks to having tenants in any residential or commercial property.

Property damage, legal issues and delinquent tenants are all nightmares to any landlord, and in our litigious society, they are only the tip of the rental property iceberg.

Tenant Screening

If you own rental properties, and you want to be sure that you get the return on your investments that you need, you need a tenant screening company that delivers a rock solid rental screening service. Never sign another lease before you’ve had your tenants carefully vetted.

Our tenant screening services for landlords offer that service, and when we do your screening, we make sure that we cover all the bases.

Identity Verification

The first step in any tenant background check service, whether for residential or commercial properties, should always be verifying the person or company you are renting to is who they claim to be. We use cutting-edge technology and proven data analysis to ensure that you always know who you’re allowing into your building.

Income Verification

The most important thing that your rental property needs to do is generate income, and that means having tenants who pay their rent on time and without trouble. Our hands-on income verification ensures the individuals you are considering renting to have the means to make that happen.

Credit History

Even when your tenants earn enough to afford the rent on your property, past debts can still haunt their financial stability. Our credit history checks on residential and commercial tenants are the best way to ensure there are no credit surprises in store for them, or for you. We provide easy-to-interpret credit reports for landlords, which give you peace of mind.

Criminal History Searches

When it comes to nasty surprises from the past, there’s no doubt a former criminal history is a huge factor in tenant suitability. Our criminal history checks are comprehensive and legally compliant, and they will provide you with a clear picture of who you’re considering renting your property to.

Litigation History

Not all legal troubles are criminal, and if you want to be completely sure what your potential tenant’s legal history contains, include a litigation history in your screening. Our in-depth and detailed rental screening service will provide you with comprehensive information about legal issues relating to your prospective tenants and their past rental relationships.

Commercial Screening

From commercial credit checks to checking references, there’s a lot that goes into renting a high value commercial property. Let us create a detailed and comprehensive screening package for you, so you can be sure you’re making the right choices.

When it Comes to Tenant Screening Services, Knowledge Really Is Power

Whether it’s an exhaustive commercial tenant application screening for a factory or warehouse, or a tenant credit check service for your residential rental properties, we can tailor a tenant screening package that covers all the bases, ensures that your property is in good hands, and insulates you from some of the inherent risks that come with the rewards of rental properties.

With the knowledge you will receive in our easy-to-follow, carefully compiled and expertly vetted reports, you will have the power to make the right choices for your long term investments. Avoid costly evictions and legal battles, and only rent to tenants who are reliable and bankable.

You never need to rent on good faith alone. Get the truth, so you can make the right choices, every time.

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