Verify the Verifier

Verify the Verifier

The title may sound a bit confusing, and it can be. In the background check industry, both in the US and globally, we are finding many companies adding verifications of the candidates past work experiences and academic credentials (resume and CV’s) to the normal background check process. This is beginning to be more commonplace as […]

Why We Need To Re-Screen Employees Now

rescreening employees

The COVID-19 lockdowns have forced many employees to work from home or be laid off. The abnormal ‘pressure cooker’ home environment has led to many abnormal behaviours, out of character aberrations and mental health manifestations, many unreported in the media. The rolling clouds of uncertainty, upheaval and desperation have precipitated an increase online activities, cyber-crimes and […]

Security Vetting and Criminal Background Checks: What Do They All Deliver?

There is more than one kind of criminal background check, and they’re not all created equal. Learn more here.

When you’re hiring a new employee, it’s common to have criminal background checks on your to-do list. It’s a commonplace and widely accepted practice to investigate the background of your employees thoroughly, to protect your company, your employees, and your customers. However, if you thought that criminal record checks were a one size fits all […]

Retail Theft in Australia: Are Employees or Shoppers the Problem?

Hiring international background check companies can help you to screen employees and reduce your retail theft.

Shrinkage. It’s a dirty word in the retail world, and it can have a big effect on your bottom line. Whether it’s through employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors or supplier fraud, the effect is the same: less profit for your business. Improved security is one way to identify the root cause of shrinkage in your […]

Protect Your Business from Terrorism Risks

Terrorism is a risk for all Australian businesses, but an international background check on potential employees will help you stay safe.

It’s a sad fact of modern life: no matter how safe we’d like to think our countries, cities and companies are, the threat of terrorism is a real one, and no one is immune. There are several ways that terrorism could potentially put you and your business at risk, so we’re going to look at […]

What to Look for In a Financial Advisor for Your Business

When you need a financial advisor for personal or business purposes, do your due diligence and find one with impeccable qualifications and an excellent service record.

Financial advisors can be the secret weapon your company needs to take your business to the next level. Especially if you don’t have a business degree and don’t have any experience in this area. Let’s face it. You can be great at what you do, and still get the cold sweats when you hear terms […]

Best Practices for Background Check Privacy and Confidentiality

Performing employee Background Checks for new hires doesn’t give you the right to compromise the candidate’s privacy.

Every business should run an employee background check on potential staff members to be absolutely sure that they are hiring the right person for the job. From a personal reference check to credential checks, criminal background checks and other employee background checks, you probably have a long list of things to investigate before you make an offer. […]

Background Checking Services: Who Screens the Screeners?

background checking services

Don’t just go digging for information – you need to use professional screeners to avoid problems. Employee and tenant screening has become commonplace around the world, and Australia is no different. However, while you may think that this process is no more than snooping into people’s personal history, there’s actually a lot more to it […]

Immigration Troubles: Why Looking into Legal Status Is a Good Idea

international background check

Several years ago, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds starred in a movie that was based on the premise that she was a high powered publisher and Canadian native, working in New York on an expired visa, and the hilarious and romantic story of how her immigration troubles brought them together. The story was even funnier […]

Getting Personal: How to Make Character Reference Checks Count

character reference checks

While character reference checks can be invaluable in painting a complete picture of an individual, there are some golden rules to getting the most out of the experience. Character references are often an important part of the hiring process. This is particularly true when filling early career positions, where candidates may not have an extensive […]

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