Why A WWCC Does Not Kill Two Birds With One Stone

due diligence for pre-employment screening

Before the new millennium, checking on the criminal record of a prospective employee was done through a standard police check. This pathed the way for honest conversations and risk assessments as a key component of due diligence for pre-employment. Since 2000, all Australian State and Territory jurisdictions have introduced Working With Children legislation and schemes. […]

International Due Diligence – When It Is Due?

international due diligence

‘But Your Honour, I did fulfil due diligence when I employed this person …’ ‘So how did you miss these convictions?’ ‘Well, I did all the background screening checks, police checks …’ ‘How extensive?’ ‘Nation-wide, Your Honour. This is our policy. This usually covers everything for us.’ ‘But you knew that this person worked abroad […]

Why We Need To Re-Screen Employees Now

rescreening employees

The COVID-19 lockdowns have forced many employees to work from home or be laid off. The abnormal ‘pressure cooker’ home environment has led to many abnormal behaviours, out of character aberrations and mental health manifestations, many unreported in the media. The rolling clouds of uncertainty, upheaval and desperation have precipitated an increase online activities, cyber-crimes and […]

How to Prevent Paying False Expense Reports

Do you suspect some of your staff are submitting #falseExpenseReports for payment

Expense fraud might not be the first thing that comes up when you think of potential risks to your business, but the fact is that employees defraud employers of millions of dollars every year, simply by fudging their expenses. The individual amounts may not be large, but they add up quickly, and if you’re not […]

Streamline the Management of a Large Property Rental Portfolio

For a large property portfolio manager, streamlining the administrative tasks with tenant background checks can help achieve a smoother process.

Managing a large property portfolio, whether residential, commercial or a mixture of both, is never an easy task. In fact, it’s literally a full-time job. The good news is that there are technologies and services that can help to streamline the process, and ensure that you don’t have to spend every waking hour managing one […]

Types of Property Damage Caused by Delinquent Tenants – and the Costs to You

Bad tenants can leave lasting marks on your property. Here’s what you need to know about tenants and property damage.

When most people think of bad tenants, they automatically think of payment issues, and it’s true that tenants who don’t pay or pay late are a big problem. However, they’re certainly not the only problem that landlords have, and another big issue that people who own and rent residential and commercial properties out should be […]

The Importance of Knowing Who You’re Dealing With

Just because someone gives you a name doesn’t mean it’s their name. Find out more about the risks of fake names and why identity confirmation is important.

No matter how impressed you are with someone, it’s vital to ensure they are who they say they are. It’s common to run background checks on people these days, whether you’re hiring, considering a new business relationship, looking to invest or for a host of other reasons. We Google people’s names, look them up on […]

Building an Agile Culture in the Australian Workplace

Discover the benefits of building an agile workplace culture in your business and get tips on how to do it.

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading about the workplace lately, chances are you’ve come across the term “agile culture” at least once. It may sound like just another new-fangled buzz word, but this is one case where new and innovative business practices offer big rewards, and if you’re not already looking into this […]

What to Do When Customers Go Insolvent

Conducting due diligence such as insolvency searches can help reduce your business risk, even if it’s not a foolproof solution.

One of the most important things in any business is cash flow. Nearly every business out there bases their future planning to some degree on money that they have yet to receive. When a customer goes insolvent and files for bankruptcy, that can damage your cash flow, and your business, in a big way. The […]

How to Protect Your Fleet with Driver License Checks

Wondering whether Aussie driver license checks are worthwhile? We can tell you they are!

The employee reference check is a critical and routine part of the hiring process for most companies these days. Chances are that you check education and qualifications, as well as verifying experience with previous employers. You might conduct international checks on immigrant candidates, and you might run credit checks on employees who will be in […]

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