Flying under the radar: why Criminal checks are not enough!

Criminal checks are not enough

White collar crimes are only recorded as crimes if there is a court conviction. But your candidates for sensitive roles may have a shady financial history that is invisible to standard police checks. This does not tick the ‘due diligence’ box. It merely skims the surface rather than takes a deep dive. So how does […]

Stop Supply and Procurement Fraud in Your Company

The greatest threats to your company’s bottom line might not come from external factors, but internal ones like supplier fraud.

We’re all on the lookout for external threats to our companies all the time. We install security camera systems to monitor the shelves in our warehouses, and we hire security personnel to follow shoppers around our retail stores. But while that is certainly a great idea to identify and neutralize threats to our companies from […]

Prior to requesting your own check please confirm, prior to ordering, if our reports will be acceptable to the agency you are providing the report to.

Many countries will not provide official government responses. It is your responsibility to confirm if our reports are acceptable and AIS makes no warranties of their acceptance.

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