Due Diligence Services

When it comes to due diligence, there is a lot riding on how well your company investigates prospective partners, investment vehicles and deals.

Due Diligence Investigative Services

Your future legal position can depend on how well you conduct your due diligence before entering into any contractual engagement. It is a critical pre-signing step that every company needs to pay attention to each time they enter into a business arrangement of any kind.

Due diligence can be a fluid and confusing term, however, and it can be challenging to ensure you do everything possible to limit your risk. Determining how much due diligence you need is just one part of the process, but it’s a hurdle many companies face.

Because business decisions should never rely on guesswork, AIS helps take the guesswork out of your due diligence with a comprehensive suite of services, including:


Corporate Background Checks

Insolvency Searches

Indentity Confirmation

Due Diligence Services to Meet Your Needs

While the definition of due diligence may be open to interpretation, the implications for your company are not. Business decisions should always be based on all the facts, and you may have to take several steps to ensure you have all the information you need.
Our due diligence services are tailored to meet your requirements on a case-by-case basis, and can include any or all of the following:

Fact checking and verification of the information provided in a contract or proposal. At the very least, you want to be completely sure the information you have been provided with is accurate and honest.
Identity confirmation, so you can be sure you are dealing with the correct people who have the authority to deal with you.
Corporate background checks, which help to provide a clear picture of who your new business partners are.
Insolvency searches and bankruptcy searches, because even though financial mistakes in the past don’t preclude deals today, you deserve to know exactly what you are getting into and with whom.
Commercial credit history reports, so you can be sure the companies you are considering doing business with have the right kind of track record.

Tax lien searches, because you might be committing to more than you bargained for when you sign that deal.
Our process starts with assessing how much you need to know about the various elements of your potential partners’ or associates’ operations and personal history.

Our in-depth, pre-employment background checks deliver the information you need, in a format that’s easy to interpret and use. We verify your prospective hires are who they say they are, so you can focus on finding the right fit for your company.


Everything You Need to Assess Risk

The primary reason any company needs due diligence investigations is to have accurate and realistic data to use in their risk assessments, and to make informed, logical decisions about project feasibility. We provide all the data you need to get the full picture, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

Discrete and Comprehensive

We go further than most companies when conducting internal due diligence, to find any prohibitive factors that may indicate a deal or business relationship is ill advised. If we can’t find any red flags, you can rest assured that there are no issues to be concerned about.

We understand, however, that discretion is required. While we investigate the criminal histories of principal members, look into litigation, insolvency and licensing issues, among a host of other relevant issues, we always do so in a discreet and compliant manner.

By using our services, you get all the information you need to assess the deal, while still preserving your trust relationship with business partners, investors and individuals.

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