Employee Screening

Hiring mistakes can be a costly problem, and the best way to ensure you are choosing the right people for your organization is to use an employment screening company.

Due Diligence

When it comes to due diligence, there is a lot riding on how well your company investigates prospective partners, investment vehicles and deals. Reduce your risk.

International Services

AIS offers a range of in-depth, international screening services, designed to give you the same peace of mind, no matter where your business and hiring takes you.

Self-Service Background Check

AIS provides self-service background checking to customers around the world. Use this portal to apply for the required checks.
NEW: Our screening services now leverage the Australian Document Verification Service – a national online system that compares a customer’s identifying information with a government record. The DVS is a secure system that operates 24/7 and matches key details contained on Australian-issued identifying credentials, providing a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer within seconds.

Our background checking services combine the very best in investigative screening resources with specialized vetting processes and system security, to limit risk and help ensure hiring success.

Quick, Easy and Helpful

Our proven background checking and screening services are quick and easy to access, and the information you receive is user-friendly, easy to interpret and apply. Rest assured, we are real people here to help you. We don’t just send an “automated data” report and leave you to navigate questions or problems on your own.

Confidential & Legally Compliant

Our background screening and reporting process is completely confidential and fully legally compliant, no matter where in the world you are hiring. We have been providing secure screening services to clients around the world for many years, and we know that upfront risk management is a key part of the process.

Smart and Reliable

We use a sophisticated suite of tools and decades of professional investigative experience to access detailed information about your potential hire. Information is carefully analyzed, vetted and verified. Which means that when you receive your report, you can rest assured that it’s accurate and reliable.

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