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May 5, 2016

How False Education Records Happens – And Its Risk to You

Due Diligence

Most of us are hardwired to trust official documents. Whether it’s a letterhead or a certificate, if it’s on an official letter head, we believe it to be true. However, while we have to be able to trust something, if you are involved in vetting candidates or prospects, and educational documentation comes into the equation, you may still want to get a company that specializes in due diligence services of this kind on your side. Here’s why.

All Is Not Always What It Seems

Around the world, there’s a disturbing trend towards falsified education records. In some cases, such as many of those in Australia, foreign students falsify their language abilities and financial position to gain entry to the country on student visas, only to vanish once they arrive.

In other cases, employees deliberately inflate their skills, abilities and experience, in order to secure a job, they’re not really qualified to do.

Then there are cases where their education records are tampered with by a third party. Usually, this happens when the third party has a score to settle or a reason to want to cause the victim undue trouble.

We’ve even seen cases where teachers, professors or educators have had their employment history or records tampered with, by inserting false accusations or statements into their employment file.

These records may not see the light for many years, and by the time they do resurface, it may be very difficult to find the truth of the situation, since people may have moved on or passed away, and institutions may be closed or have changed hands. Regardless of the cause and timing of the record falsification, however, there are serious possible consequences, and the truth must be found.

The Trouble with False Records

There are many problems that false records can cause, aside from the obvious ones outlined above, when the immigration system is abused to gain entry to Australia under false pretenses.

There may be legal liability if you hire someone to do a job that requires qualifications, licensing or knowledge that the applicant has lied about on their resume.

There may also be legal issues if you don’t hire someone or admit someone to an internship or training program for something you find in their background that they didn’t actually do. There may be a different reason for the legal action, but the effects could be no less detrimental.

Make Sure You Have the Full Picture

One of the best ways to limit your risk when running educational background checks is to hire a third party company that specializes in this type of due diligence services. Not only will they be well versed in finding the truth behind the documents you take at face value, but they’re also committed to providing you with the right information to make informed choices.

Whether it’s keeping faux foreign students from abusing Australian college admissions and study permits, protecting your company from hiring an unqualified applicant or even helping someone to clear their name when they have false information inserted on their education records, it’s always worth deferring to the professionals, who can get to the real truth at the heart of the matter.


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