Flying under the radar: why Criminal checks are not enough!

Criminal checks are not enough

White collar crimes are only recorded as crimes if there is a court conviction. But your candidates for sensitive roles may have a shady financial history that is invisible to standard police checks. This does not tick the ‘due diligence’ box. It merely skims the surface rather than takes a deep dive. So how does […]


License Checks

As the pandemic restrictions ebb and flow with each COVID-19 variant, many organisations are pivoting to B2C home deliveries as a new normal. The diverse responsibilities include delivery drivers, passenger drivers, truck drivers, chauffers (VIP clients) and home visits.  So where does all the expanded pool of drivers come from? Some ‘drivers’ are recruited internally, […]


Social Media Background Screening

Our previous post via our own AIS social media provided a synopsis of why cyber-vetting is on the rise among hirers, compounded by social distancing. Template resumes ooze with the right words but may not provide a window to the candidate’s authentic character and cultural fit into the workplace. Within reason, a plethora of social […]



You have shortlisted two candidates for the job. You’ve done your CV checks, employment reference checks, police checks and verification checks. Both candidates tick all your boxes. So you take a deep dive online and check the LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter profiles for red flags or green flags. Sounds familiar? It certainly is, as 90% […]

Why A WWCC Does Not Kill Two Birds With One Stone

due diligence for pre-employment screening

Before the new millennium, checking on the criminal record of a prospective employee was done through a standard police check. This pathed the way for honest conversations and risk assessments as a key component of due diligence for pre-employment. Since 2000, all Australian State and Territory jurisdictions have introduced Working With Children legislation and schemes. […]

International Due Diligence – When It Is Due?

international due diligence

‘But Your Honour, I did fulfil due diligence when I employed this person …’ ‘So how did you miss these convictions?’ ‘Well, I did all the background screening checks, police checks …’ ‘How extensive?’ ‘Nation-wide, Your Honour. This is our policy. This usually covers everything for us.’ ‘But you knew that this person worked abroad […]

Verify the Verifier

Verify the Verifier

The title may sound a bit confusing, and it can be. In the background check industry, both in the US and globally, we are finding many companies adding verifications of the candidates past work experiences and academic credentials (resume and CV’s) to the normal background check process. This is beginning to be more commonplace as […]

Why You Should Verify Employees’ Credentials – Even After a Few Years

If you thought education verification was a once-and-done sort of thing, think again! Here’s why you need to do more, more often.

We’d all like to believe that we can take people at face value, and that the candidates who apply for positions we advertise are as honorable as they come across in the interview. However, as many high profile cases of resume fraud have proven, it’s not always that simple. In fact, for every high profile […]

Using Vetted Data Sources to Verify Employee Education Records

Make sure that your education verification process is watertight, and avoid becoming one of those stories.

When a resume lands on your desk, and the candidate has a veritable alphabet of professional designations behind their name, it’s very hard not to be dazzled. After all, we’re hardwired to respect the PhD or MBA, the BSC and the BCOMM. It’s almost automatic, but it’s not always the full picture. In fact, it’s […]

Best Employee Screening Practices for Australian Companies

Employee Screening

Most companies find it necessary at some point to conduct employee screening. It helps you to verify that your prospective employees are who they say they are, know what they say they know, and have the skills and experience they claim to have. In Australia, however, as in many other countries, there is a limit […]

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